"Toxic Frock" Performance by Cathy Dunbar and Helen Judge, animation by Helen Judge

In this documented performance and animation, Cathy is knitting the fishtail gown crafted from VHS tape in a gas mask and hazmat suit, Helen wears the Dress on the casting couch.

The animation includes scream scenes and the clips chosen, range from the famous surrealist horror and Hollywood film noir to the supernatural slasher.

Film Clips
Rosanna Arquette "New York Stories - Life Lessons", 1989
Janet Liegh, "Psycho", 1960
Jamie Lee, "Curtis Halloween", 1978
Simone Mareuil, "Un Chein Andalou"
Fay wray, "King Kong", 1933
Elizabeth Montgomery,"The Victim", 1972
Heather Langenkamp, "A Nightmare On Elm Street" 1984
Nathalie Kay, "Tippi" Hedren ,"The Birds",1963
Lana Turner, “Postman Always Rings Twice”, 1946
The audio track includes original sound tracks (screams) overlayed with sound poetry , critic of youtube polemic, and the music of Portishead.

Douglas Lain, Zero Books “Infowars Can’t Handle The Truth About Modern Art” (youtube) 2018
Gil Wolman, Sound Poetry “Anti Concept_01_Megapneumies “1999
Portishead “Dummy “ 1994